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How Do I Still Have This?

meg the pirate.


How Do I Still Have This?

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I made this back in 2005. I was sixteen years old, bitter, convinced I couldn't find love, hating high school, wanting to get out of Massachusetts and was friends with outsiders. I listened to Insane Clown Posse. I wanted to go into sports management. My favorite color is black. I told myself that I will never wear a skirt again and was battling the idea of God. I was straight-edge.

It's 2010. I'm sitting on my completely pink bed in my apartment in Knoxville, Tennessee. I'm turning twenty-two in three months. I am graduating on time with a degree in Theatre. I listen to Daft Punk and Kanye West excessively. I'm still semi-bitter, but only when I'm hungover. I'm done with the idea of love. I love being in school and reading. I wear shorts and skirts all the time. I hang out with different people. Religion doesn't interest me. And yes I am a proud stoner.

Where is the time going? How did I change so fast?

What about the next five years when I'm 27? Will I be in theatre or doing something entirely different. Maybe I'll be obsessed with classical. Or I could be born-again Christian that doesn't even drink?

I'm throwing out my five year plan. The only things I'm probably sticking with is moving back to Boston. Maybe. Who knows?
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